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Providing business services since March 2023

--Discord Server ToS--
• No NSFW or any other type of
explicit/graphic content is allowed.

• No type of drama or argumentations, remember to be respectful to other members

• Absolutely no advertising/promoting things that are not 'Lite Supplies'. Any advertising in DMS/Server will result in ban and Revoke of any service provided by ‘Lite Supplies`

• No spamming or raiding in 'Lite Supplies' or anything affiliated with 'Lite Supplies'.

• I do not agree nor give permission to copy anything about 'Lite Supplies'.

• Any known affiliation to selling leaked products, scamming individuals etc will result in your products being revoked.

• The Server is not a market place nor a place to find exchangers, sellers etc.

• We are a store, anything we sell also came with our own costs. Do not ask for free stuff. We do giveaways occasionally to show our appreciation to our customers.

--Server Boosting ToS--
• I cannot/will not transfer or remove boosts from a server once I have boosted it.

• If you or anything/anyone kicks the boosts in your server, I am not liable for re-boosting.

• It is up to you to read this and remember to DISABLE/KICK all ANTIRAID bots.

• For 1M Boosts, warranty is voided if Discord revokes. This is due to the fact that it is 100% out of my control. 3 Month boosts on the other hand, have full warranty as there is no possibility of revokes. Discord revokes 1M ones (occasionally) due to the mass amount of people genning 1M Promo Codes. 3 Month ones are not effected as they're harder to generate.


--Nitro Tokens/ EMV Tokens ToS--
• 'Lite Supplies' is not liable for replacing tokens that were damaged by the purchaser.

• All Nitro tokens are checked for validity, and will therefore not be replaced unless proven the issue is an error on our side. Additionally, you have 30 mins to check the tokens yourself, and if there's an issue on our side you can make a ticket for replacement. (30 MIN, THE TOKEN MUST NOT BE USED OR CHANGED IN ORDER FOR US TO REVIEW)

• Nitro Tokens are paired with boost tools or boost bots, manually logging into them or using them as a main account could result in the token becoming invalid. If you use a leaked bot/tool or manually log in, you are automatically unable to receive any type of replacement/refund.

• If discord mass revokes nitro promotions, Nitro Tokens will not be replaced.

• If tokens are terminated, 'Lite Supplies' is not liable, no replacement or refund will be offered

• All EMV tokens come with a 15 minute warranty to check the validity with a Token Checker, passwords must remain unchanged within this period.


--Tool/Bot ToS--
• If a tool stops working, gets patched, gets leaked, etc we will try to fix it and update it, but even if we don't you still cannot get a refund. We can end a project at anytime without giving refunds, lifetime means for as long as this service is running. If a new product is released due to the event of a product not being fixable we will offer a replacement at a discounted price.

• License Keys are not shareable, they are intended for one device and one person. Sharing key will result in termination of the license without refund.

• You must not sell below my prices, if you wish to discuss pricing then we will discuss prior to rebrand being completed.
• As per any Website/Store - You do not have my permission to sell any of my sources or products, leaking any products or selling any goods of mine that you did not create etc will result in termination of any products you own.

--Transactions ToS--
• NO REFUNDS are offered unless the issue is on our side.

• We try to deliver your order as urgently as possible, but in the case that we can't do it immediately, we have 42 hours to deliver your order. After the 42 hour deadline, you are entitled to receive a refund.

• Attempting to reverse a payment after the product has been delivered without contacting us first for assistance will lead to your Discord and/or Sellix account being blacklisted from our shop, meaning you will lose the ability to buy from us ever again. We will also invalidate your purchased product. Since we provide digital goods and services, no refund will be issued unless the fault is on our side and the buyer provides sufficient evidence of the dysfunctional product or service.

• 'Lite Supplies' have the right to refuse service.

• Our prices/TOS are subject to change at any times without notice. Renewal prices are at the current price at the time of renewal.

• False or misleading reviews, negative reviews etc will result in termination of our service to you. Contact us if there’s an issue.


•Our Terms Of Service can change at any time of date.

•Once purchased from 'Lite Supplies' you agree to this Terms Of Service.

• Following Discord ToS is also advised.

• Any disrespect or abuse to staff or myself may result on us suspending your product without refund. Be respectful as we will not tolerate any disrespect.


• If you are found to be contributing in distribution, selling or involvement in cracking/any attempts your existing licenses with me will be terminated.